Venus Freeze: Say Goodbye to Cellulite for Good!

If you’ve read my CoolSculpting and lip injection articles, you know by now I am a bit of a sucker for the latest spa and beauty trends and when I heard about Venus Freeze fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite treatment from my friends at SpaMedica, a Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery centre, I was curious to say the least.

Venus Freeze is non-surgical liposuction fat reduction treatment that tightens skin and reduces cellulite as well. The Venus Freeze is a temperature-monitored, radiofrequency (RF) soft tissue heating, fat reduction and skin tightening device. The applicator is applied to the area of concern and moved back and forth slowly over top of a small layer of ultrasound gel. The oscillating electrical current heats up the skin and soft tissue, stimulating collagen and reducing the fat cell content in the region. The unique octapolar head, consists of eight bipolar electrodes rapidly oscillating 100,000 times per second, creating a uniform temperature on the skin and within the fat hat assists in collagen formation and new blood vessel formation.

So what the heck does that mean? A professional uses this device that warms up and gently massages the area you wish to treat for approximately twelve minutes (my total treatment, since I was doing two areas, was just over twenty). After about eight treatments you will see a reduction in fat and cellulite in that area and you’ll notice your skin is much tighter. The treatment is very comfortable and quite relaxing (yay, no pain!). I was receiving my treatments on my thighs while training for a half marathon and they did wonders for my tight muscles, making them feel less sore from the heat.

Since I was training and running daily while undergoing the Venus Freeze treatments I expected my legs would naturally be more toned any way, but what I noticed (since I’ve trained for races before) was how rapidly fast that was happening. The treatments in conjunction with my workouts were turning my legs into the stems of my dreams much quicker than if I’d just been exercising. After three appointments my quads were quite visible, as if the fat that was hanging around them had vanished and you could see all the hard work I was putting in to my body. I’m used to slimming down for a race, but I’ve never looked more toned (see below).


The fact that this treatment is painless, feels good and has fabulous results I would definitely recommend it to friends hoping to tighten up and reduce cellulite. I couldn’t be happier with my results! I was in L.A. a few weeks after and was excited to throw on a bikini and show off my legs, rather than my usual hiding under a towel afraid some cellulite might peek out and telling my friends, “No pictures below the waist!”

For more information on Venus Freeze, visit SpaMedica’s website.

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