3 Summer Haircare Issues and How to Solve Them

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Frizzy hair isn’t the only snag you’ll hit on balmy summer days. From hydrating dry hair to keeping oily hair under control, here’s how to tackle the season’s biggest hair problems head on.

While summer does have its benefits (hello, ice cream, beach days and endless rosé!), there’s no denying the hot weather can be hard on your strands. Getting a handle on greasy hair when it’s humid can seem like mission impossible, and fighting frizzy hair can honestly feel like a full-time job. The good news? No matter your hair type, with the right products in hand, you can wash and style your way to stunning strands all summer long.

Challenge #1: How do I care for dry hair in the summer?

Dry hair is porous, meaning it’s prone to sucking up moisture from the humid air like a sponge. As the hair shaft swells, it becomes puffy and full of fuzz, launching what feels like a never-ending battle against frizzy hair. The key to keeping frizz under control is stopping the absorption cycle before it starts. Here’s how:

  1. Wash: Start by adding some much-needed moisture the moment you step into the shower. A hydrating formula is no doubt the best shampoo for dry hair, especially one with nourishing, frizz-taming ingredients such as argan oil. Pro pick: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Smooth Intense Shampoo for Frizzy Hair 
  2. Treat: Use a deep-conditioning product after every wash to lock in moisture and seal the hair shaft for stronger, silkier-looking strands.
  3. Style: Last but certainly not least, apply a styling product that will not only smooth the hair shaft but also form a protective barrier to stop dry hair from acting like a sponge. Don’t forget to toss the product in your bag for touch-ups on the go and sleekness that lasts all day. Pro pick: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Oil for Dry Hair

Challenge #2: How do I manage oily hair the summer?

Hot, sticky temperatures can make oily hair feel even heavier. Aside from washing your hair more often than you would in the winter, consider changing your approach by adding a purifying pre-shampoo mask to your routine.

  1. Treat: Tackle excess oil by setting aside a few minutes each week to detox your scalp with a refreshing mask that will do the heavy lifting of absorbing impurities and balancing an oily scalp before you shampoo. Pro pick: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay Mask
  2. Wash: The best shampoo for oily hair is one that contains scalp-clarifying ingredients such as clay, which wick oil away from the roots to keep your hair looking full and lifted. As you lather, boost circulation by massaging the product into your scalp, and work the product from root to tip before rinsing thoroughly. Pro pick: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay for Oily Roots.
  3. Condition: Though it might be tempting to skip the conditioner when you have oily hair, especially during the summer months, it’s always important to hydrate the lengths of your hair to prevent it from looking limp. Strike the perfect balance with a lightweight formula that combines conditioning power with clarifying ingredients to prevent build-up at the roots. Pro pick: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay Conditioner

Challenge #3: How can I prevent greasy hair in the summer?

Starting with a super-clean scalp, avoiding product overload and keeping your hands off are all great ways to give greasy hair the boot. Just follow these steps to maintain a freshly-washed look:

  1. Wash. What’s the best shampoo for greasy hair? Look for a deep-cleansing formula that will mop up oil at the roots and rinse away any product you may have used, allowing you to kick things off with a clean slate. Pro pick: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay Shampoo
  2. Treat. Many commonly used ingredients, such as silicone, can make hair look flat and greasy, so be sure to choose a silicone-free conditioner that will give you the softness you want, minus the slick finish you’d rather live without. Pro pick: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay Conditioner Expertise Extraordinary Clay Conditioner 
  3. Style. For a look that’s more polished than slippery, a light but effective product can go a long way. That’s right: You can even tame humidity-induced frizzy hair without weighing it down by applying a small amount of powerhouse oil that absorbs into the hair for a smooth finish with no greasy sheen. Pro pick: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Penetrating Oil


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