Four Hairstyles Guys Can’t Resist

When it comes to men and your hair, natural and effortless styles reign supreme, like these ones:

Straight and Seductive
Straight styles equal run-your-fingers-through-it hair. Touchable strands that have natural movement and swing always have lots of come-hither sex appeal.

How to achieve this look: Apply an anti-frizz, silicone-based straightening serum through damp hair. Before blow-drying, split your locks into five sections, and dry each piece separately with a paddle brush. Voila! For extra sheen, run your flatiron over the ends (and bangs, if you have ’em).

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Silky Smooth

When you picture Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian, what’s the first beauty feature that comes to mind? More likely than not, it’s their shiny hair (ok, ok, and maybe their centrefold-like figures). To get controlled waves like these ladies, it’s all in how you prep the hair (wrong products can leave you really fuzzy or flat).

How to achieve this look: Apply a smoothing serum onto damp hair. While blow-drying, brush your strands from the bottom up to achieve volume. When your hair is dry, spray your locks with a straightening mist and use a flatiron to rid any left over frizz. If those fly away strands don’t want to budge, use a drop of smoothing serum to daub throughout your hair.

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Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts exude confidence, which is exactly why they’re so appealing to the opposite sex (Um, hello Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson). From a gent’s perspective, a short and styled cut is a sign of confidence. In other words, guys are attracted to women who don’t feel the need to hide behind their waves, and put themselves out in the open.

How to achieve this look: To master this look, rub a styling gel in the palm of your hands, and lightly run your fingers through your hair. Brush your bangs to the side, and use a firm-hold hairspray to achieve that glossy finish.

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Bump it up

We know, as soon as the words ˜bump’ and ˜hair’ are placed in the same sentence, our favourite guidette, Snooki, is the first person to come to mind. Lucky for us, the average guy isn’t so into the Snooki do. However, adding a subtle bump to an up-do makes it all the more enticing. When your hair is pinned away from your face, it gives off a vibe of sophistication. Throw a pouf into the mix, and it remains classy, but adds a casual element that makes it look effortless.

How to achieve this look: Grab pieces of hair that outline your face, and bring your strands to the crown of your forehead. Then, push the hair forward to create volume and secure it in place with a couple of bobby pins. Gather the rest of your hair and put it into a messy bun. Secure your look with a layer of firm-hold hairspray.

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