Product Of The Week: KMS Conscious Style Everyday Shampoo

We shampoo every day…well, most days. Okay, so we’re lazy and could use a reminder to stick our head under the shower and lather up every now and then. We blame Omnicon and every other preceding Covid-19 variant for taking our beauty routine from well maintained to no maintenance. And while we admit we kind of like our new sweat-pant-wearing style courtesy of ongoing enforced hibernation, it has impacted out GAF-meter. A lot. Having KMS’ Conscious Style Everyday Shampoo on hand with its daily reminder built right onto the bottle’s label helps. Plus it works, so there’s that.

The shampoo’s gentle and weightless formula is ideal for daily use, even on our highlighted hair. It’s fuelled with ingredients such as, lactic acid, polyquaternium-53, panthenol, Moringa seed and oat oils to support, moisturize, soothe, protect and balance both our scalp and our hair. But what we really like is that 92 per cent of its ingredients are of natural origin, while both of the oils are certified by ECOCERT—the rigorous process that empowers an independent and impartial certification body to assess the conformity of the brand’s products with environmental and social requirement-specified standards. In other words, it’s proven safe and ethically and environmentally safe to use and that’s a BFD.

Possibly an even bigger deal, is what’s not included in the formula, like sulfates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, micro plastics and dye and artificial colours. Oh, and that we can chuck the bottles (yes, plural, because we’re using KMS’ Conscious Style Everyday Conditioner, too), straight into the recycling once we’re finished with them. Which should be soon, because we’re actually washing our hair every day now, well, on most days. You know, we’re still lazy.

KMS Conscious Style Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner, from $44 each, available at hair salons and online at

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