Spring 2012 Hair Trends

Spring brings new life, not only to your garden, but also your routines. The warm weather inspires us to clean out our closets, lighten up our makeup and for some, try a new hairstyle. To stay on trend, try these looks from the runway.

50s sculpted bobs
Jil Sander Spring 2012
Hairstylist Guido Palau created the 50s inspired looks seen at Jil Sander.  The big, helmet-like bobs are sleek and pulled back at the top, but the undersides, especially for girls with longer hair, were tightly coiled underneath creating a faux-bob.  This look requires lots of hairspray, but will keep hair off the back of your neck when the weather heats up.

Messy updos and delicate headbands
Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Hair
At Louis Vuitton, models’ hair was swept up into messy updos, which is perfect for warm days, and lazy beauty routines. But delicate headbands complimented the vintage, feminine trends in the clothing. 

Big blowouts
Versace Spring 2012 Hair
On the Versace runway, Palau created big, bouncy blowouts, reminiscent of glamourous, opulent Versace lifestyle. Palau added extensions to every model’s hair, and prepped strands with mousse before blow drying hair with a large barrel brush.  To recreate the look at home, add a little shine spray to channel the Italian designer’s look.

Braided Updos
Valentino Spring 2012 Hair
Braided updos were seen all over the runways, and the red carpet this spring. Models at Valentino embodied it best. The models had French or fishtail braids circling their head to look like a crown of hair. The hairstylist started the braid at the top of the models’ heads, and braided in a spiral around the head, finishing at the ear.  

Tight Buns
Stella McCartney Spring 2012 Hair
At Stella McCartney models’ hair was up in high, tight chignons. The ballerina-like buns are simple, coiled at the top of the head and pinned down. Hair was hair-sprayed down to prevent any frizz or flyaways, creating a more edgy, masculine look than the messy updos at Vuitton. Pair this look with a boyfriend blazer or a button down shirt to keep with the masculine theme, or try it with one of this season’s nipped-waist dresses to play up a more feminine side.

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