Product Of The Week: Herbivore Botanicals Moon Dew Eye Cream

Possibly the first under eye cream to have an astrological sign, Herbivore’s new Moon Dew Eye Cream plays out like this…

Sign: Cancer
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Moon
Characteristics: Loyal and committed, tender, caring and protective

So while we may be Taurus the bull with an Earth element and have Venus as our ruling planet, we’re still rubbing a little Moon Dew Eye Cream on twice a day. For starters, the cream lives up to its characteristics so we know we can always depend on it to work and take care of and protect our skin. Plus, it’s fueled with super-efficient ingredients.

A 1 per cent inclusion of bakuchiol (an extract from the babchi plant) mimics the benefits of retinol, but with none of the irritation, to smooth and firm our skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. Quinoa plant peptides, banish puffiness and diminish eyelid creases (yup, you can safely use it on both your undereye area and on your eyelids,) while honey locust seed tightens and lifts for a smooth finish.

All you have to do, regardless of your sun sign, is massage a tiny amount on in the mornings and before bed. We promise your skin’s daily horoscope will be encouraging and uplifting.

Herbivore Botanicals Moon Dew Eye Cream, $64 for 15 ml, available at Sephora.

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