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Hair colour tends to take a nosedive in the winter. All of the natural highlights that come along with sunlight disappear, and we’re left scrambling with boxed hair colour and questionable home remedies. But there’s no need to resign yourself to the idea of seasonally drab hair colour. Look to these lovely-locked ladies for inspiration for your next trip to the salon, or down the hair colour aisle.

Lauren Conrad
Conrad’s hair is currently a stellar mix of chestnut and honey brown face-framing hues, and it’s probably her best look yet. Whoever said blondes have more fun definitely hasn’t seen this brunette. Also look to Anne Hathaway to pull off this look.

B - Lauren 300x400

Emma Stone

Nothing could have prepared us for the natural beauty of Stone at the Golden Globes this year. For a girl who rocked being a redhead for so long, her natural-looking platinum blonde hair with gold lowlights makes you wonder why she didn’t think of going blonde sooner.

Emma Stone as a blonde

Dianna Agron

Agron was another standout beauty at the Golden Globes this year, landing top billing on many best hair and makeup lists. Her hair colour’s a carefree mix of strawberry and light blonde highlights that compliment her gold honey base and darker roots.

Dianna Agron with honey blonde hair

Jayma Mays

Mays’s red hair is a perfect balance between bold and casual. While red is usually a look-at-me choice, her copper is closer to a strawberry blonde/light brown mix. The subtle brighter red lowlights blend right in but add interest around her face and collarbone.

Jayma Mays with copper hair

Sympatico Image


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