Fragrance Of The Month: Burberry Goddess EDP

Vanilla, vanilla and more vanilla is the best way to describe Burberry’s latest fragrance, Goddess. Typically swirled into elixirs as a base note, master perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie layered the gooey, warm and sensual gourmand ingredient into the top, middle and base to create an innovative and heady new blend. The result is nothing less than spectacular, an eau worthy of its powerful, otherworldly name.

“My initial goal for Burberry Goddess was to expand upon the common use of vanilla to deliver a new kind of rich olfactive experience,” explains Clerc-Marie. “For this purpose, I used three distinct types of vanilla extraction.”

On first spritz, a bright and sunny vanilla infusion with aromatic and woodsy lavender notes waft forward before being absorbed into vanilla caviar’s sweet and savoury expression. Dark, rich and milky vanilla absolute completes the experience, adding a touch of mystery that feels divine. The overall effect is carnal and celestial, bold and nuanced, and utterly addictive.

Elegant, yet animalic the 168-year-old London couture house has, as always, created a scent that is as coveted as it is luxurious. The parfum’s pairing with 27-year-old British-French actress Emma Mackey, best known for her roles as Weird Barbie in Barbie and as bad girl Maeve Wiley in Sex Education, who is the face of the parfum, adds an additional layer to Goddess that is anything but traditional vanilla. Rather, it is one of strength and spirit, as reflected in the brand’s advertising campaign which channels the power of a lioness pride. Mix-mastered with live footage of lionesses in the wild along with computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology, the campaign features Mackey and the pride joining forces—symbolic of the perfume’s embodiment of inner confidence.

Burberry Goddess EDP, $206 for 100ml, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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