9 Best Hairstyles at the 2016 Oscars

The couture gowns get all the glory on the red carpet, but I was looking at the best dressed heads this year. There were risk-takers and romantics, buns and barrettes. Here are my nominations for Best Hair on an Actor or Presenter on the 88th Annual Oscars Red Carpet.

Brie Larson


Not many hair accessories made it to the red carpet this year, but Oscar winner Brie Larson was shining in hers. With romantic flowing waves she was glittering in more ways than one.

Kate Winslet

kate winslet oscars 2016 hair

Kate Winslet has walked this carpet a few times and her beauty look is usually on point. This year she went with effortless waves and the result was stunning.

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence debuted a blunt platinum cut with her Dior couture this year and then I died. The day Jennifer Lawrence has a red carpet fail is the day Leo wins the Oscar.

DAMMIT. For real guys, what are we going to do now that we can’t make that joke anymore?

Olivia Munn


A definite trend in the carpet this year was the slicked back, simple low bun. Olivia Munn took it a step further with a knotted look that looked sleek but still had a touch of flair to it.

Chrissy Teigen

chrissy teigan oscars braid

Chrissy Teigen’s braided ponytail is what dreams are made of. That is all.

Rooney Mara

rooney mara oscars hair

Rooney Mara always takes chances on the red carpet and is always one to rock a severe hair look. Her futuristic bun-hawk on the red carpet was no exception.

Olivia Wilde


There weren’t many braids on the red carpet this year, but the ones that were there were romantic as all hell. Olivia Wilde was in that club. The soft romance of her braided updo really nicely enforced her angelic-yet-structured pleated wings.

Alicia Vikander


Alicia Vikander really cornered the market on Beauty and the Beast references this year and her hair was right on the mark. Seriously. She nailed Belle’s half-up bun so perfectly, it couldn’t have been an accident.

Saoirse Ronan

saoirse-ronan-hair-red carpet oscars

Saoirse Ronan’s name auto-corrects to all-caps in my phone now and it is entirely a result of tweeting about this look. Her whole look was #flawless #slaying and #anyotherempoweringBeyoncelyricyoucanthinkof but her hair was particularly maxed out on gorgeous. 

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