Lip Colours For Fall 2011

In case the plummeting temperatures didn’t give it away, autumn is officially here, and with it comes the need to change up the beauty routine and incorporate brand new colours into your day-to-day rotation. Luckily, we’re at no loss for exciting new shades, so without further adieu here’s our guide to the best lip colours for fall and how you can make them your own.

Classic Red

Not you necessarily need an excuse, but fall 2011 is the perfect time to commit to bold, red lips and chalk it up to keeping in-step with one of the season’s biggest beauty trends. Going hand in hand with both the ˜60s aesthetic (matte, well-defined) and beauty looks of the 1970s (full and glossy), red lips make a triumphant return in stain, gloss and traditional lipstick forms, amping up day-to-day look and adding confidence to the evening-oriented beauty standard.


While nude lip colour is hardly comparable to our actual skin tones, the season’s penchant for an au natural aesthetic relies on a commitment to lip shades that are as close as possible to our everyday lip tones. So while you may be content to use a sheer gloss to top off a neutrally based face, certain lipstick shades add just a hint of colour to your lips, but still allow you to don smokier eyes or more dramatic blush shades, since balance (read: no makeup overkill) is essential. And while nude lipsticks don’t so much play into the industry’s recent penchant for stains, they succeed at adding dimension to a look that may otherwise seem monochromatic.


Wait: before you take to your nearest cosmetic counter to don what should only be worn to a rave in 1998, remember that purple is an all-encompassing term that now more-or-less falls in-step with shades like plum. However, that’s not to say this season’s purple isn’t bright or commanding. Thanks to lines like that of Tom Ford, it’s possible to don a dramatic, rich lip with a bit of playfulness (working alongside ˜70s and ˜80s-themed trends), but without the shock appeal of Halloween makeup equivalents. (Just remember to use matte products to prevent colour from bleeding onto your face.)


Not a surprise, pink once again stages a comeback upon the changing seasons, but unlike the fuchsia tones of spring or summer, autumn calls for dusty shades that parallel the English Rose look. Soft, feminine, but a step above nude, pink shades this season work together with minimalist eye makeup (liner and neutral shadow) and blush, creating a just-bitten look that can easily be chalked up to frost. (Though not yet “ we hope.)


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