Hair Removal 101: Spa vs. Home

Summer is here (finally!), which means it's time to start thinking about hair removal again. I know. We've been "blessed" with a really cold winter and have taken full advantage of avoiding waxing, shaving and everything in between for the past few months, but with the temperatures steadily climbing, it's time to get ready for all the skirts you've been eyeing (and crying over because you couldn't wear them) and de-fuzz!

At the spa


When you decide to do the hair removal thing at a salon, your best bet is to get a recommendation. While there are some fantastic places, sometimes it can be hit and miss, so ask a friend where she goes and start from there. And when you're throwing hot wax into the mix—especially around some of your more…ahem…sensitive areas—you want to make sure you're going to the right place! Some great spots to check out in Toronto are Waxon which has a bevy of services on their waxing menu, both for men and women, or Allure Body Bar which boasts a Quickzilian—their eight-minute Brazilian wax, which is perfect if you have a low pain tolerance and don't feel like being stark naked in front of a stranger for too long. It can get pretty pricey going to get waxed every month or so, but the bonus is that the more you go, the thinner your hair grows so after a handful of sessions, you'll be able to stretch out the time in between visits.

Laser Hair Removal: 

The other more permanent route is laser hair removal. This can be a pricey commitment to make, but similar to waxing, it's important to choose the right place. Lots of discount sites like Groupon have deals for laser hair removal, but make sure to read the reviews before opting for the more purse-friendly option. Finding a location that has trained professionals and proper equipment is important because, you know, there are lasers involved and nobody wants to get burned. 


Perfect for grooming your brows if you're not comfortable tweezing them yourself at home (it's not for everyone—I no longer do my own brows after the Bald Spot Incident of 2010) and it's a bit more precise than waxing, plus you can get away with going about once a month and just tweezing those stragglers that grow in between appointments and there are tons of places around the city that offer threading for around $5.

At home


Most people opt for the at-home hair removal because it's more convenient and not to mention more cost-efficient. Shaving is usually the easiest option and what most people gravitate towards. But in the winter months when your legs are too dry and cracked to even think of dragging a sharp razor over them, the hair ususally wins the battle. If you're going to finally admit defeat, you might as well do it with a good razor and a hydrating shave gel to try and nix any potential nicks and keep your skin as smooth and soft as possible. We like the new Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace—it's got five blades for optimal shave and a hydrating strip to prevent those little cuts, plus it's super portable for traveling or when you're showering post-workout. Mix in the new Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel in Mandarin Burst for an instantly uplifting fragrance that will keep your legs looking smooth and protect from any razor burn in some sensitive areas. $16 and $4, available at mass retailers nationwide. 


At-home waxing always gets a bad rap because it's always easier to get someone else to do the pain-inflicting than yourself. Even though it might be a (slightly) more painful option than shaving, waxing lasts longer and is easier on the skin. Plus with the new Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Waxing Strips, you can remove hairs as short as a couple of millimetres and is good for dry or sensitive skin—perfect as we make our way out of this post-winter skin slump. $15, available at mass retailers nationwide. 

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