Four New Ways of Updating the Classic Ponytail

Often reserved for bad hair days, the ponytail is the go-to hairstyle for a quick fix in a pinch. For some, wearing a ponytail may evoke memories from those gawky teenage years, or, heaven-forbid they’re seen sporting one outside the gym, but truth be told, ponytails can be very chic.

With a myriad of different variants on the traditional ponytail, the hairstyle can be worn in the boardroom, on a first date, or even on your wedding day. Below are four different ways of switching-up the ol’ pony:

Sleek: If you’re going out for a night on the town, or needing to assert some power in the boardroom, then the dramatic sleek ponytail is your best bet. The easiest way to achieve the sleek hairstyle is to flat-iron your hair straight after blow-drying it, and then brush your hair back into a high pony that sits just above your ears. Fasten securely with an elastic band that matches your natural hair colour, or, select a few strands of hair and wrap them around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin for a more polished look. A final spritzing of lightweight hairspray/smoothing serum keep pesky flyaways at bay.

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Sporting a disheveled, messy ponytail is a fave amongst celebs and for good reason: the style is casual and laidback, yet looks pulled-together–even on the red carpet. To try-out this ponytail, normally day-old washed hair works best as it will hold texture better, but you can always use dry shamppo to remove some of your hair’s natural oils. On dry hair spray a texturizing product (Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray is a great one), and pull your hair back into a ponytail using only your fingers. Once fastened, pull out some strands of hair along your face and ears for that laissez-faire appearance.

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This knotted ponytail is an elegant option if you’re attending a special event, but it is so easy to do! You can wear this style with straight hair or wavy hair, but wavy strands do look particularly pretty in this ponytail. To do, simply wave your hair using a medium-large barrel curler (depending on the thickness of your hair) and finish with a lightweight hairspray and/or shine serum. Then, pull your hair into a low pony and fasten securely. Once fastened, reach above the elastic band and separate your hair into two sections so it creates an opening. Once you’ve separated your hair, take the ponytail and pull it up and through the opening so that it forms a knot.

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The side ponytail is a fun, flirty take on the traditional ponytail and can be worn a multiple of ways. Yes, you can definitely wear this style straight, but it also happens to look best wavy or slightly curly”the choice is yours! To achieve the look, curl your hair to your preference and gently tease the crown of your hair to add a little volume. Then, sweep the hair with either your fingers or a brush into a side ponytail near the base of your nape. Once fastened, let some pieces fall out near your face and spray lightly with hairspray. The addition of hair accessories makes this pony perfect for special events.

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