Classic Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Fashion trends will come and go with the onset of every new season, but there are timeless wardrobe staples that every woman needs to own. These classic pieces will not only look current for years to come, but they are the foundations in which to ground trends.

When shopping for classic items, often you may find that you’ll spend more money than purchasing trendy items. But don’t fret”these pieces are considered ˜investments’ and you will most definitely get the most bang for your buck over the years.

Read on below to find out which pieces you need to buy now:

Trench Coat: The trench coat is not only an essential in every woman’s wardrobe, but is also an iconic item with fashion label Burberry claiming its invention. The trench coat style is available in a plethora of colours, silhouettes and fabrics, but for a truly classic piece, opt for a double-breasted trench in beige or sand cotton-twill with epaulettes and belt. The trench can be worn with virtually any outfit and imparts a sophisticated and pulled-together appearance.

Blazer: Again, like the classic trench, a blazer pulls together an outfit and can transform even the most basic jeans into a night appropriate ensemble. While blazers are offered in a multitude of finishes, fabrics, colours and even patterns, choose a neutral colour like black, grey, navy or beige to complement most items in your closet. Also opt for a well-fitted style in a longer length for a current style. Paired with a skirt, skinny jeans or over a dress, the blazer is one of the most versatile pieces you can own.

Black Pumps & Flats: Yes, some women claim to have a fetish-like disposition towards acquiring shoes, with some collections in the upwards of the hundreds, but if there are two shoes that will outlast the trends they are a pair of flats and black pumps. Classic colours like black, navy and beige are safe bets when choosing a pair of flats, but red and leopard print add visual flair to an otherwise neutral outfit. For heels, choose a style in black leather or patent leather (you can also opt for a pair with a slight platform) with a flattering almond-toe shape.

White Blouse: A white blouse is the one most essential piece in a woman’s wardrobe”it can be paired with a skirt, pants, jeans–even shorts. Fabrics can range from classic cotton to luxurious silk, and silhouettes can also vary from an oxford style to a more boyfriend fit, or tunic. For a truly timeless piece, opt for a white blouse in a silhouette and material that lends itself to everyday wear; often a looser fit in a silk or cotton-silk blend can be paired with weekend jeans and workplace pants.

LBD: Let’s face it: slipping on a little black dress instantly exudes sex appeal and confidence. It’s one of the most iconic fashion items that over the decades, never fails to command attention. Finding the perfect LBD relies solely on which silhouette best suits your body, which means you could be trying on a lot of dresses! However, knee-length or tank-style straps are classic details that contribute to a timeless dress.

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