The Dos And Don’ts Of Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is back in a big way for fall 2012. But if you’d rather pay tribute to retro than actually channel your inner Electric Circus cast member (that tactic is only for special occasions), here are our tips for making the most of your lipstick look.

1. Do: Match liner
If you’re opting for a bold colour, you’ll want to prevent it from bleeding outside of your lip line. Thus, the best approach is to line your lips “ with a shade that matches your lipstick perfectly “ to avoid the dreaded, ’90s-inspired two-tone look. If you’re really feeling daring, you can actually use the liner itself as a sort of base-coat for your lipstick “ or opt for a reverse liner, which actually lines the outside of your lips (with the same shade as your skin tone) to avoid lipstick from attempting escape.

2. Don’t: Over-apply it
Since matte lipstick doesn’t contain ingredients that make it slippery, it’ll sit on your lips as opposed to wearing off. That said, you’ll often find that your lipstick will take longer to wear off around the outside of your lips (thanks to lack of moisture), so you’ll be tempted to re-apply it frequently. Don’t do that: since coats will only sit on top of each other, you’ll get an uneven layered look if you keep bulking up. Avoid so by wiping existing lipstick off before re-applying it, and use a mirror to avoid any smearing. 

3. Do: Keep lips moisturized
Matte lipstick tends to dry lips out, so to avoid flaking or dehydration, make sure to use a moisturizing stick or balm beforehand to keep your colour looking fresh. Dry lips can actually make lipstick seem duller, so moisturize morning and night “ but not after applying lipstick, since it will only make it wear off and bleed. (And nobody wants to go through that.)

4. Do: Make colour pop
The key to pulling off matte lipstick is to make sure it’s impactful. You want attention drawn to your colour, and you want it to pop, so don’t go for a neutral shade or one close to your skin tone since it can actually make you look sick (or, if too pale, like a walking Halloween costume). Tangerine, red and even pink are perfect go-tos “ especially since, like matte lipstick itself, they’re vintage-inspired and perfect for autumn.


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