DIY Pedicure Tips

Before you put your feet into your pretty summer sandals…make sure you're ready to take those toes public! While taking weekly trips to the spa for a pedicure is a great treat, here are some tip for a quick and perfect at home pedicure!

1)     Soak: Fill your tub with a little bit of warm water (just enough to soak your feet) and add a little bit of tea tree oil, lavender oil or Epson salts to disinfect and relax! Soak your feet for 5 minutes to soften the dead skin cells on your heels.

2)     Scrub: Now for the fun part. Use a pumice stone, or a creamy exfoliator to scrub the rough skin on your feet. Good exfoliators for your feet are usually a bit grainier and also contain moisturizing ingredients such a shea butter, jojoba or almond oil. The Body Shop Shea butter scrub is a favorite of mine. Follow up the scrub with a pumice stone to get at the bumps and callouses to make your feet nice and smooth.

3)     Remove your existing polish: If you haven’t removed your existing coat of toe nail polish yet, take some nail polish remover and prep your toes for a new coat!

4)     Trim: Trim your toenails and file to square or rounded, whatever you prefer! I find it is much easier to clip your nails after a nice foot soak and clean toes.

5)   Moisturize: Lotion up your pampered feet with a nice and rich moisturizer. I really enjoy using Jergen’s dry skin body moisturizer to massage my feet and to lock in moisture and soften any rough skin.

6)     Polish: Now time for the final touches! Pick your favorite summer shade and paint away! Of course, don’t forget your base-coat and top-coat to ensure a lasting finish.

That’s it! A quick and relaxing 25-30 minutes and you’ll be out the door- with your best feet forward. 

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