Art of the Red Lip

There’s nothing more striking than a bold red lip. However, it can be a little intimidating if you’re not used to bright colours, or if you’re not a big lipstick aficionado. But there’s a method. So thanks to these simple steps, you’ll have that red lip mastered in no time.

1. Moisturize
Lipstick has a pretty dehydrating effect regardless of how hydrating it claims to be, so make sure your lips are moisturized before putting your lipstick on. Even applying a balm about 30 minutes beforehand will create a much more welcoming base, which helps your colour stay longer, and also helps protect your lips against peeling and cracking (which, unfortunately, you can see especially well when you wear lipstick).

2. Line
When it comes to red lips, liner is mandatory to prevent bleeding colour and smearing. But though you can match your lip liner with the tone you plan to use, you can also pick up an invisible liner that works just the same. So while you can technically fill in your lips using the coloured liner to create a basecoat, the invisible liner doesn’t require you to do that, and you can apply it to the perimeter of your lips to create that seal. Try No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner available at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

3. Apply
Now here’s the tricky part “ kidding. (Seriously, this is the least tricky thing in the world, we PROMISE.) Using a brush, simply paint your lips. Or if you don’t have a brush, apply your lipstick and make sure to keep it in the lines. If you’ve lined well, you’ll notice that won’t be a problem. If you haven’t, that’s totally fine “ just make a few touch ups and move onto step four. 

4. Blot, apply, repeat
Here’s a recently learned trick that may be one of the greatest secrets we’ve ever learned: blot. But don’t blot once; blot three times to ensure your colour is there to stay. This part of the application process should go something like this: apply colour, blot; touch up colour, blot; touch up colour one more time, blot. Then, admire how awesome you look, and bask in not having to touch up your lipstick for a couple of hours — at least.

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