5 Alternative Health Trends You May Want to Try This Fall

Alternative health treatments are practiced in many spas in the city and can be just as relaxing and luxurious as a massage or dip in a steam room – and sometimes, can come at a cheaper price tag. One of the best parts is that there are no chemicals involved and they’re completely natural. Curious to know what’s been on our radar lately? Here are five alternative health treatments you may want to try out this fall. Plus we’ve rounded up a few local spas in Toronto where they are offered.


Reiki (the Japanese term meaning “universal life force energy”), is a form of energy healing that works to balance the energy centers of the body to release stress, restore energy and calm the mind. A reiki session lasts 30 minutes to an hour, in which a practitioner will place their hands over your body at different energy centres (or chakras), and send energy to where you need it most.

Where to try it:

Sweetgrass Spa (111e Queen St. East)

Elmwood Spa (18 Elm St.) 

Ear Candling

This is a practice many people find truly addictive. How it works is, a practitioner lights one end of a hollow candle or cone with a flame and places the other end inside the ear canal.  The flame creates negative pressure inside the cone and draws wax and yeast out of the ear canal where it collects inside the cone. Sound completely gnarly? People swear they can hear better for up to years after a treatment.

Where to try it:

West Toronto Wellness Centre (1719 Bloor St. W)

Indian Head Massage

This ancient form of Indian massage incorporates oils and focuses on the face, neck, scalp, shoulders, upper back and shoulders – specifically, on the energy centers and tend to hold stress in these areas. It works to release blockages and relieve tension and stimulate lymphatic drainage, a flushing out of toxins that have built up in the body.

Where to try it:

Hammam Spa (602 King St. W)


An aromatherapy treatment involves massage that relies on essential oils (medicinal oils concentrated extracts from the leaves or blossoms of plants) to promote relaxation. Oils are absorbed by the skin and transported through the blood to the organs and glands to reduce inflammation or infection. Each oil used serves a specific healing purpose.

Where to try it: Novo Spa (66 Avenue Rd.)

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

So, this procedure may sound clinical and slightly terrifying – but what happens in a session is far from it. A therapist will place her hands along the spine, neck and head and other parts of the body, encouraging the nervous system and musculoskeletal system to release tension it may be holding. By freeing up the stressful energy you store in these parts of your body, you won’t just walk straighter and taller, you’ll be more resilient to stress in day to day life.

The Cranial Therapy Centre (19 Duncan St.)

None of these treatments strike your fancy? Check out a few more of our favourite detoxifying spa rituals that can help cleanse your body from inside out.


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