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Fashion is a bit confused this season. But that’s kind of a great thing. Not sticking to one look is the best thing about fashion today. But the truth is, we’ve seen a lot of these styles before. The ’70s prints, the ’80s glam, the ’90s silhouettes, the ’00s… weirdness? So. Which decade will you […]

Alexandra Donaldson donaldson.alexandra@gmail.com Author Alex is a freelance writer and editor based in Toronto. Although she recently took up yoga in an effort to be a healthy adult, she still binge-watches cartoons on the regular and dreams of running away to a cottage in the woods. She writes regularly about fashion, beauty and wellness and you can spot her byline at CanadianLiving.com and TheWhaleAndTheRose.com. Follow her on Snapchat: alxdonaldson 29Secrets