A Writer’s Guide to Eating Right

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SPOILER ALERT: the career of a writer is not a glamorous one. Currently, I am writing this post before leaving for the Sunday dinner I was supposed to help with (because my aunt was joking about letting me help, and "help" from me would likely result in the house burning down and the turkey somehow coming to life and flying away). On Thursday, I didn't "get ready" until after lunch because I was on a deadline, so I wrote, standing at the kitchen table, wearing a t-shirt with a wolf on it, and dunking stale donuts into cold coffee. And tomorrow, I will do that again. Though the t-shirt will be different.

Which doesn't bother me at all. I like working this way. But the buzzkill is this: I often forget to eat. So when I was asked to try the Lean Cuisine Rewards program, I was into it — mostly because a) I am baited by rewards (give me free things, everybody), and b) it meant that I would get to eat a meal that consisted of more than peanut butter on a spoon. Which, I must add, is delicious. (But not every day.)

So I chose to reward myself by actually paying attention to what I was consuming. And instead of bagging off work to grab a healthier lunch at an actual restaurant (which is expensive, and not usually in the budget), I took only a couple minutes out of the afternoon to grab Grilled Chicken and Vegetables — something I can promise you I would never cook for myself, ever. Yeah, this was a Reward, alright: I got a hot lunch for less than I'd spend on fast food. No eating-from-a-bag-of-chips-over-the-sink-and-calling-it-lunch for this lady. And subsequently, I actually felt better — likely because I wasn't full of junk and grease and "I don't have time for this!" stress. Even though I ate chips for lunch yesterday — but in all fairness, it was between Sunday brunch and Sunday dinner.

Bonus points? (No, but literally.) Currently, you can bank Lean Cuisine Rewards points, which you get via the PIN number in each meal. Then, you just add those up, and cash them in for everything from free meals to kitchenware to free movie passes. This is some classic "treat yo self!" school of thought, which I'll totally take on top of treating myself to an actual, real, vitamin-inclusive meal. Even though, yes, I had a butter tart for breakfast today.

Lean Cuisine Rewards has given 29Secrets one bonus PIN code to share with our readers. The bonus PIN may be redeemed for one free Lean Cuisine entree, or the points can be saved to redeem later for a larger reward. You will need to register online with the Lean Cuisine Rewards Program in order to claim your points. We will choose the lucky reader at random who has entered their information, by visiting our LEAN CUISINE PIN CODE GIVEAWAY page. 

This post was generously sponsored by Lean Cuisine Rewards, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit www.leancuisine.ca/en/rewards

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