What Every Girl Needs to Know About Basic Car Maintenance

Winter’s blizzards and angry weather seem like a long way off as we settle into our summer routines of easy living. However, in those blustery months, who hasn’t felt a twinge of sympathy driving by a broken down car at the side of the road with a puzzled couple looking at their array of tools, trying to make sense of it all. Sure, you can call in an auto service, but that takes hours on a good day. So do yourselves a favour ladies, and start to get comfortable with basics of you car’s maintenance. We’ve compiled a list of items we think every savvy, independent woman, should know (apart from yes, knowing how to change a tire in a pinch):

Know About Car Fluids:

Windshield Washer Fluid “ If you’ve ever been caught without it, you know how important it is. You want to keep this stuff topped up through all seasons, not just when you are knee-deep in slush. Lift the hood, and look for the windshield sign.

Brake Fluid “ When you have your brake work done, ask to have this fluid flushed to avoid contamination and deterioration over time.

Engine Oil “ Have this changed once every three months. Engine oil lubricates the various engine components to help them move together without causing friction.

Antifreeze “ Check your owner’s manual to confirm how often you have to change this for your vehicle. (Yes, the owner’s manual is the giant book you’ve yet to crack open, currently shoved in your glove compartment.)

Power Steering Fluid “ The absence of this fluid, could mean the loss of power steering, so when you take your car in for regular maintenance, ask how regularly this should be topped up.


The inside of the drivers-side door has a noted inflation guideline for your car’s tires. So clever! Inflate your tires as you need and especially before a long summer road trip. You can buy a tire pressure gauge almost anywhere these days.

Proper rotation of your tires, balancing and alignment will really extend the life of your tires. And for anyone that has shelled out for two sets of tires, this is an important tip. It keeps the wear and tear even which also means a smoother ride.

So, while you are enjoying the freedom that a set of wheels gives you, make sure are at least familiar with the basics of car maintenance to keep you out of a pinch.

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