What Equals 100 Calories in Fruits and Veggies?

We often stress about our calorie consumption after last night’s pizza leftovers and the subsequent bag of chips devoured, but don’t pay much attention to the more wholesome options. Believe it or not, fruits and veggies have calories too. While it’s true this food group is undoubtedly healthier, it’s rare we keep track of their calorie count. So put that 100-calorie Oreo snack pack back in the cupboard, and read on for a 100-calorie breakdown of the most common fruits and veggies. We know you’re curious.

Apples: two extra small = 105
Bananas: one medium sized = 105
Blackberries: 100 berries (or 1 1/2 cups) = 100
Blueberries: 125 berries (1 1/4 cup) = 103
Cherries: 20 = 103
Grapes: 30 = 101
Orange: two small = 90
Watermelon: two cups, diced = 110

Avocado: one third = 106
Baby Carrots: 28 = 98
Celery: 18 (eight-inches) = 101
Corn: two pieces = 118
Kale (cooked): three cups = 109
Spinach (raw): 45 leaves = 98
Tomato (grape): 48 = 108

Now, throw that bag of chips in the trash bin, and gorge out on all the nourishment you want. 

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