Unique Ways to Spend New Years Eve

In less than a couple of weeks, we all come together to indulge in ridiculously high expectations, staying up late to watch night turn into dawn (or at least force ourselves to cross the midnight threshold) to usher in another year, with renewed hopes, ambition and yes, goodwill. However, if all of your New Years Eve’s are starting to blur together with vague memories of loud clubs, fancy restaurants and much more of the typical, we’ve pulled together a few ideas that might make this year a bit more memorable:

1. Scan your local papers and check out what’s going on locally that’s not your typical New Year’s Eve fair. Guaranteed if you’re adventurous and up for something different and quirky, you’ll land on an event that will be far from the expected. And maybe end up with a good story or two.

2. Gather up New Year’s Eve orphans and jump in a car and head up north where city lights don’t dull the night sky and pack some snacks, hot chocolate and a warm blanket or two and usher in the New Year under the stars. 

3. Throw together a last minute party of friends “ ˜tis the season for get togethers afterall, so ask your friends to bring a favourite dish and you supply the rest.

4. Catch a live comedy show.

5. Bundle up and head to the waterfront for a quiet stroll. Not interested in quiet? Take a walk through downtown and enjoy the seasonal lights while they are still up.

6. Stay in, invite some friends over, cook up an extravagant meal and pull out those board games you never use.

7. Rent a cottage or cabin for a couple of days and enjoy the New Year outside of busy city life.

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