Top Vitamins For Hair & Nails in Your Food

The secret to great hair and nails may be on our plates “ or at least on grocery store shelves. Forget the beauty aisle for a minute, and focus on what you’re consuming in a literal sense. There are certain foods that contain the best vitamins for hair and nails, and without even upping your grocery budget, they can be yours. Here’s our list for the next time you go shopping:

1. Beans
Vegans, vegetarians and chick pea aficionados have probably already clued into the power of beans, but in case you’re still skeptical, take solace in knowing that beans contain biotin: a fatty acid complex that helps strengthen hair and nails. And while maple syrup canned beans may taste great at breakfast, think legumes and lentils “ the protein component in most salads and vegetable soups.

2. Nuts
Provided you eat them in moderation (like anything you should eat, ever), nuts are part of the list of foods that contain the best vitamins for hair and nails. Containing fatty acids, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D, unsalted nuts will keep your hair shiny and nails white spot-free. And don’t be so quick to cross off cashews: provided you eat only about a handful a day, these zinc-filled treasures can also help you fight acne.

3. Salmon
We’ve heard the praises of Omega-3s sung, but what do they do? Well first, Omega-3 “ found in salmon “ keeps your scalp healthy and prevents dandruff since it keeps the skin lubricated. This important fat will also boost your body’s protein levels, making your nails less brittle and your hair shiny and strong.

4. Dark, leafy vegetables
You can’t get enough iron in your diet (unless you’re talking about supplements, and in that case, pay attention to your physician’s instructions), so take solace in leafy greens that will help boost iron levels and promote strong nails and prevent excess hair shedding (since it will be healthier). Foods like kale, collard greens and chard will also help boost levels of Vitamin C and A and in turn, kick up your sebum levels “ the oil that your hair produces to keep it silky.

5. Whole grains
We’ve painted carbohydrates as a food villain, but whole grains are one of the primary foods that contain the best vitamins for hair and nails. Containing selenium “ a mineral for great, cancer-free skin “ foods like muesli will also boost your levels of essential fats, B vitamins and Vitamin E. Just make sure you’re opting for whole grains, not anything processed “ the whole grain is essential when it comes to vitamins for hair and nails.


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