What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

Do you sleep on your side? On your back? On your stomach? Psychologists and recent studies say that your unconscious mind takes over and are expressed in the physical movements during sleep. Nighttime body language suggests there is a possible correlation between your subconscious state and your personality! 

1)     Fetal Position aka curled in a ball: Fetal position sleepers are ‘worriers’ and anxious. This is surprisingly the most common sleeping position. These huddled sleepers are often tough on the outside but are shy and sensitive under the surface. Sleeping on your side can also cause stress on the one side of your body. Ensure you have a pillow that can properly support your neck and avoid unnecessary stress on your shoulders.

2)     Log: Sleeping on your side with your legs straight. This sleeping position is the second most common sleeping position. Personalities that prefer this position are often easy-going, and social. This position can lead to back pain as it keeps the spine in a locked position. If possible, try to alternate with the ‘yearner’ position to help with possible upper or lower back problems.

3)     Yearner: On your side with both arms out in front. People who sleep in this position are often cynical and thinkers. This personality type is described as slow decision makers, but stick to their choices. This position is ideal for people with acid reflux or sleep apnea.

4)     Solider: Sleeping on your back. This type of sleeper is often an overachiever, quiet and hardworking. Sleeping on your back can cause snoring and difficulty breathing, but it is a good way to sleep to avoid wrinkles on your face as well as for individuals with neck and back problems.

5)     Freefallers: Sleeping on your stomach with your head to one side. Freefallers are known to be confident, nervous, and like to be in control. Sleeping on your stomach is really good for digestion.

6)      Starfish: Sleeping on your back with your hands to either side. These sleepers tend to be good listeners, friendly and laid back (get it?). This form of sleeping has similar health benefits to the solider position.

How do you sleep?  

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