Tips for Travelling Through the Airport

Whether you rack up the frequent flier miles, or this is your first vacation without your family, everyone always has advice for getting through the airport stress-free. From the lines, to the security, it can be a hassle, but here are the top pieces of advice for travelers.

Prepare all documents in a folder
Many labels carry cute travel folders, that hold passports and tickets, so think of this as a reason to shop for a cute accessory. But really, it’s a good idea to carry paper copies of all important travel documents, in case your smart phone runs out of juice. Even a copy of your iterary, hotel confirmations, transportations schedules and photo copies of your passports could come in handy, just in case.

Plan your time
While it’s always best to arrive early, don’t be too early, or else you’ll have hours to kill in the airport with nothing to do but wait. Or hit the airport bar for overpriced drinks and snacks. Which leads me to tip number three¦

Pack snacks
Dry foods, like granola bars, trail mix and string cheese, are easy to pack in your purse. These healthy snacks are easy on your waistline as well as your wallet.

Keep your valuables in your carry-on
Lost luggage happens. As much as we all like to think it won’t happen to me, be prepared just in case. Anything you’re carrying with you overseas that you can’t possibly replace, take it on the plane with you, so you can keep track of them at all times.  With lost luggage in mind, it doesn’t hurt to carry a change of clothes with you too.

Pack your carry-on with care
Keeping in mind that you will be carrying all of the above with you, there are a few extras that make your trip through the airport a little more relaxing. An iPod fully loaded with games and your favourite songs may put you at ease. And a small, 10 mL bottle of essential oil can also bring calm to chaos. Use it as a fragrance when you land, and even masks the unsavory smells of some fellow travellers.

Choose your airport outfit wisely
Forego jewelry, belts and outrageous accessories when you’re travelling through security.  Choose flats that can be easily taken on and off. Wear clothes for comfort, you will be on a cramped plane after all. But it wouldn’t hurt to wear something cute, in case you’re neighbor on the plane is a good-looking single guy. 

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