5 Cool Camping Gadgets

There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors at the cottage, or spending a night out in the woods. While it’s great to leave technology at home, sometimes creature comforts can make a summer wilderness trip more bearable. Whether it’s your first time camping, or you’re a seasoned pro, here are five camping gadgets for women.

Go Toob

Pack your beauty essentials in a practical and squeezable Go Toob travel bottle. This product is squeezable (perfect for storing moisturizers or other creams) and has a no-drip valve ensuring that your tinted moisturizer won’t get all over your backpack. Tinted moisturizer in the woods? Why not… and don’t forget the sunscreen!


Light up the way with this classic lantern. Perfect for camping, the cottage, or even your backyard, this style is retro and functional. Even if you’re not using it as a light source, it can double duty back in the city for a rustic light source at a backyard party.

Got to go

Ladies, we’ve all been there. In the middle of a hike, and you got to go. But there might be poison ivy on the ground, so popping a squat (excuse my language) is not an option. The Sani-Fem allows you to enjoy the great outdoors or avoiding a gross outhouse. The product has received five-star ratings, and is reusable and comes in a carrying case. You might not think you need something like this, until you need something like this.

Tent Fan

This tent fan will keep things cool. Attach it to your tent or a hook nearby and enjoy the cool breeze. It’s battery powered, and can last 24 hours on a high setting, or 48 hours on a lower setting.


Planning a picnic is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the city or country. While a stylish picnic basket and cooler might not be the most essential gadget, the Collapsible Insulated Basket from Picnic at Ascot is simple and elegant. The bag is insulated and will keep food fresh, and it can fold flat to save space after eating. Coolers have come a long way from your typical styrofoam or heavy plastic, so look for one in a print or fun colour.

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