Time Management 101

Whether you’re a first-year undergrad juggling a full timetable, or you’re done with textbooks and find yourself barely surviving the real world and its 40-hour workweek, trying to make the most of your time and keeping on top of your checklist can feel anything but effortless. If it seems like no matter how early you set your alarm, you’re that girl who’s always rushing in the morning and forever running 15 minutes late”not to mention, your social life is pretty close to flat-lining”it may be time to rethink how you tackle your daily to-do’s. Read on for 5 easy tips on how to manage your time and make better use out of that chic designer watch.

1. Ditch the distractions
If you’re constantly checking your smartphone or scrolling through Facebook, you’ll never get any work done. It may seem totally harmless, but those few extra minutes that you take to keep tabs on Miley Cyrus’ Twitter hair transformation can really add up and cut into time that should be spent focusing on getting things done. Try to keep the texting and social networking to a minimum and designate it to break time. By being a little less plugged-in, you’ll find that you work a lot faster while carving out more free time for later.

2. Make the cut
Prioritizing your To Do list may sound pretty straightforward, but it also includes knowing where to stop. Don’t take on more than you can handle, and don’t feel guilty if you have to say, No. We all reach a point where something has to give, and it’s much better realizing what to cut loose way before the inevitable, disheveled, fly-away-ridden meltdown.  

3. Know when to ask for help
It can be hard realizing that you can’t get every little thing done in one day. When the school or workday is over and there’s still those annoying chores to take care of, it’s okay to call on your friends, family or boyfriend for help”especially if you’re sharing living space. Don’t expect to always be able to tackle everything solo.

4. Remember to recharge
When you’ve got a full plate, it’s easy to forget about getting enough sleep and making sure you have enough time to relax. But overloading yourself without enough rest or breathing room between tasks won’t help you in the long run. It may feel like you can’t afford to stop, but breaking to unwind is important. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself completely burnt out in no time.

5. Be realistic
Lastly, don’t spread yourself too thin with an overwhelming and impossible number of goals and due dates. Only take on what you know you can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. Contrary to the words of The Devil Wears Prada’s Nigel, your whole life doesn’t have to go up in smoke in order for you to succeed or make a good impression at school or work.  

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