Ten Things To Be Happy About…Right Now

There’s always that one person in a crowd that exudes unbridled joy. And you just know they aren’t faking it either. What’s to be happy about, you wonder? Well, a whole lot it turns out and we’ve compiled some of our favourite reasons to be happy, right now (See: The Newest Trend: Positivity) Sure, they aren’t fancy but when you take the time to notice them, they can impact your day and your world in a positive way. And who doesn’t need a little bit of that?

1. The freedom to be who you want to be
Who hasn’t said on occasion, I’ll travel when I have more time. Or I’ll donate to charities when I have more money. The truth is, you don’t have to wait. You can create adventure in your everyday life. And you can donate non-monetary things like your time and energy today. The I’ll get to it tomorrow’s may run out at some point, so better to get on it today.

2. A good, hearty laugh with your best girlfriends
Need we say more? Little better than this.

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3. Sleeping in on a snow day
Freak snowstorm shuts down the city and oh no, you’re forced to stay at home and get right back into bed.

4. Coffee
The smell of a freshly brewed pot in the morning. Better “ on a Sunday morning.

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5. Licking the bowl
We all know part of the fun of baking, is well, scrapping up that chocolate batter for a pre-baking treat. Even better when you share.

6. The perfect kiss
You know the kind. It makes you forget your name and you semi-levitate. Rare and few and far between but when you’ve experienced it, the feeling lasts for days.

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7. A newly washed car
Especially in the winter when your car is generally covered in an inch of slush, ice and some other salty concoction. When you get around to cleaning it and it’s gleaming, it’s a great feeling as you battle the winter grey.

8. Catching your favourite song on the radio
Just as it starts playing.

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9. A hand-written note
You know the feeling. You pop open your mailbox to see a thick envelope addressed just to you. Inside is a handwritten note. What a treat! Far cry from our daily impersonal emails.

10. An unexpected phone call
Ever been thinking of someone you haven’t heard of for a while or maybe you just lost touch, and a little bit later, the phone rings and it’s them? Having a good catch up chat can boost your spirits in no time.

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