5 Easy Ways To Know Your Crush

There are times when the guy you like may know enough about you to ask you out, is shy, or is unaware of your interest in him. Waiting for someone to notice you can be frustrating. Why not be proactive and find ways to get to know him better? We’re not talking about stalking or crazed ways to get close to your guy, just a few simple tips that will help you become a part of his universe.

Group Activities
Group activities are a great way to get to know someone in a low key way. Mutual friends generally make for a good time. Your friends will also get to know this guy and can give you their initial take on him. Get a group together to go for coffee or to a movie and then casually ask him to join the group for the event.

Volunteer Work
Choose a volunteer activity you would like to do to help others. Make it a geniune choice, not just an excuse to be around your guy. Once you are set to participate ask him to help the charity by participating. Keep your expectations low and be casual. Even if your crush decides not to participate after you ask him to, you will be doing something good for the world. This is a win-win choice by getting involved in a good cause. 

Classes And Hobbies
Find out your crush’s interests or if he is taking certain classes that you also would be interested in. Take the same class he is taking or join the same hobby he is involved in, then sit nearby him, giving you the chance to chat about the class or hobby.

Depend On Your Friends
Have a mutual friend put together a party at their place then casually get to know him in a group setting. Again a group of friends generally means having a good time. This low pressure setting is a good chance to strike up a conversation with your special someone without asking him out or putting your heart on the line. If you are too shy to ask that special guy to a group activity or party, depend on your friends to ask him for you. A friend who already knows your guy can make a quick introduction and help ease you into a conversation with your crush.

Create An Event
Why not create your own group event? The holidays are a great time to get together for fun. If you feel comfortable inviting friends to your own party add your guy to the list, pass the word, and make sure he knows you’d like him to attend. If everyone at your party is having fun chances are your crush will too. As host of the party your job will be to keep conversations going and in the process you have the perfect opportunity to chat up your special guy.

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