Soybeans The Super Health Food

Soybeans are a super food that supplies protein and fiber to your diet. Soy provides a good source of iron and has naturally occurring ALA omega-3 fatty acids. This all purpose super plant food is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol and is a smart choice to incorporate into your diet for a healthy lifestyle. Soy is known to be heart healthy, and is associated with reduced risk for cancers. This health food is often found in vegan and vegetarian dishes. Soy is a complete protein equal in protein to meat, and can be used in a number of ways as an addition to a healthy, nutritional diet.

Soy Milk
Soy milk is an ideal substitute for milk and has a sweet flavour. Nutritionally, soy milk contains approximately the same amount of protein as cow’s milk. It comes in a variety of flavours“ chocolate, vanilla, coffee and almond!“ and is delicious with cereal. Substitute soy milk for its regular counterpart in coffee, and pour it in recipes that call for milk.

Tofu is a protein-rich meat substitute that easily takes on flavours, such as soy sauce, when marinated. Tofu is a go-to in stir-fry dishes, and is delicious fried (although not quite as healthy for you!) It comes in a variety of textures, including soft and firm, making this all purpose food a great choice for meals. Tofu can be used as a meat substitute and firm tofu can also be used as a substitute for cream cheese in cheesecake. There are plenty of processed versions of tofu that are substitutes for ground beef, hot dogs, and cheese in grocery stores. A 3-ounce serving of tofu is less calories than meat at 120 calories with 1 gram saturated fat, compared to meat with 210 calories and 5 grams of saturated fat. Don’t forget tofu has the all important factor of fiber to help convince you of its benefits compared to meat.

Edamame is the whole soybean boiled then used for various dishes. These beans can be found in the freezer section of your local mega mart. Edamame is often eaten in salads, warmed as a vegetable, or used as as a roasted, salted snack food known as soy nuts. Look for the roasted version of soy nuts vs the fried version. These crunchy roasted soy nuts may fit the bill, providing a crunchy snack that is also good for you.

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