Small changes that make a big difference

Spring and summer are just around the corner and that means cute skinny jeans and summery dresses. If winter has forced you into hibernation and you barely remember what the inside of a gym looks like, not to worry. You still have time to shake the extra winter layers and get into summer-ready shape. To give you a kick-start, here are some ways to trim back or torch unnecessary calories without feeling like you’re losing out:

1. Try to live without sugar additives to your coffee and tea. Small change but this can add up, especially if you drink two or more cups a day.

2. On that note, stay away from the ˜toppings’ you can add. We’re thinking the whip creams.

3. Now that it’s warming up outside, leave the car at home and walk to where you have to go. Walking is a great way to burn up some calories and see more of the city while you’re at it.

4. Take a good look at your portions and make sure you are eating the amounts you should be eating.

5. Give yourself 15 or 20 minutes before you decide to grab seconds. Your stomach needs time to catch up to your brain and if you give yourself the breather, you may find that you’re actually full.

6. Turn off the TV and do something else. We all tend to snack mindlessly when watching our favourite shows.

7. Take the dog on an extra long walk. Win-win.

8. Swap out vending machine snacks for healthier options. Yes, a bag of chips sound perfect around 2 pm but grab an apple and a handful of almonds instead and notice the change in your energy levels.

9. Take the stairs. At every opportunity you can.

10. Incorporate strength training into your workout. You’ll build muscle and that eats up calories even when you are tied up doing something else.

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