Need Help Getting a Workout In?

The average person does not typically feel an overwhelming urge to exercise after a long day of work. Also, with having only 24 hours in a day, it can often be hard to fit a good workout into the mix. If you are in need of a bit of motivation, try implementing a few of these ideas into your daily routine. 

Break It Up
Most people do not realize that it is just as beneficial to break your routine up into shorter periods of time, and spread them out throughout the day. As long as your heart rate is elevated to an appropriate level for a ten minute period, you will still reap almost the exact same benefits as a longer, continuous workout. Try going for a few fifteen to twenty minute walks throughout the day. Either wake up a bit early and hit a treadmill before you shower, or head outside and do a brisk walk around the block to wake yourself up. You can also spend part of your lunch break walking around the building, or climbing a few sets of stairs. The added bonus, by spreading it out, your workout will seem a lot less taxing.

Park It
Park your car as far away from the office, grocery store, or any building, as possible. With most people trying to get their vehicle as close to the nearest entryway as they can, they are really only depriving themselves of a few extra minutes of valuable exercise. If you do this every time you park, it really starts to add up!

Bring the Workout to You
Set a dumbbell in places you often sit for extended periods of time. If you’re one to sit back on the couch and veg out, or spend a lot of time in front of a computer, you should strategically place a dumbbell at these locations. Set one next to your remote, beside your laptop, or on the bathroom counter, and periodically do basic arm exercises through commercials, or while you’re lost in thought. Try it for a week, and you’re sure to feel a difference. 

Stand Up Tall
Most people let their posture slide throughout the day. By making a concerted effort to always maintaining a straight back you will burn calories and strengthen your core muscles. So next time you’re standing in line at the grocery store, place an imaginary book on your head. If you are sitting, stop slouching and hold yourself up properly with shoulders back, head up and tummy tucked in! After awhile it will become natural, and you’ll look like the strong, confident woman that you are.

Get Your Groove On
While you are doing housework, getting ready to go out, or simply walking around your place, you should always put on some upbeat music and dance while you go about your business. While you get a few basic tasks done, just grooving to the beat and adding a few hip shakes will help burn away excess body fat. Also, by listening to good music you’ll boost your overall mood as it’s hard to feel bad when you’re dancing. Try it! It will make sweeping the floors a lot more fun!

Invest in a pedometer. The average person only gets between 3000-4000 steps per day. In order to be a healthy human being, you should be getting at least 10 000. By wearing this handy device you will have a constant reminder of your goal. Every time you use the bathroom, the little thing will be staring at you and urging you to get your butt moving. Tip: Make sure you purchase one with a cover. It will help to avoid resetting it back to zero.

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