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We all know that exercise makes us happy. It keeps you trim, toned, happy and sane. Working out outdoors is one of the most effective things you can do to lose weight and optimize your health.

Exercising outdoors gives you benefits that indoor exercise can’t. For one, working out outdoors exposes you to sunshine and fresh air “ essential factors for good health. Exercising outside is also more fun, which means you’ll stick to your routine better! Plus, going outside doesn’t cost you a hefty gym membership fee. All you’ve got to do is get up and go.

We’ve compiled a list of how to take your indoor routine and move it outside:

Take the stairs. The best part about stairs is they are everywhere”in your building, outside, and at the mall. Attempt taking the stairs two at a time, or lunging your way up a flight of stairs, for a far better lower body workout.

Running. If you’re looking for something a bit harder than walking then you can try running outdoors. If you’ve never jogged before, start slow and increase your pace once you’ve built your stamina. Start by running around your block and build up your distance every time you go. Running is a go-to exercise if you are trying to shed some pounds for summer since it torches calories faster than you can sprint! Make good use of any hills or mounds to run hard uphill for that extra calorie burn. 

Cycling. Riding a bike is a fun way to burn up those calories without feeling like you are working hard. Grab a friend and try to ride at least three times per week. Ride on hills to develop your leg strength quicker. Get off your indoor stationary bike and find a bike path you enjoy. You will tend to spend more time peddling for this toning exercise outdoors than inside.

Swimming. If you’re looking to tone your arms or shape your legs, swimming may be the exercise for you. Swimming is also a great workout for those who are looking for a low-impact exercise. If your joints are still achy from winter,you will find swimming a refreshing exercise that will not cause you any strain.

Join a league. Find a team sport to add to your exercise routine for toning your body. Try soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball or any other league you are interested in. Those who love competition will enjoy working hard for a win and team spirit, all while toning your body.

Outdoor strength training. One great thing about the outdoors is all the ready to go equipment. I’m talking slides, swings and benches. Head to the park and use the gear there to do push-ups, pull-ups, planks and step-ups. Outside workouts are enjoyable and you will naturally want to get moving when you get outside.

Exercise releases endorphins, lifting our spirits and lightening our moods. And being outside”soaking up the natural light, breathing in fresh air”also makes us happy. So it makes perfect sense that combining exercising and outdoors is a killer combination for your health!

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