Meditation Techniques To Do At Your Desk

Your office is probably not the most peaceful place on the planet. But just because your desk is the space where you tend to feel both productive and stressed, that doesn’t mean it has to be where the meltdowns ensue. Here are a few meditation techniques to do at your desk so you can stay cool, calm and collected no matter what the day brings.

1. Take three deep breaths. It sounds cliché©, but you’ll be surprised what happens when you stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths. Probably the easiest meditation technique to do at your desk, it takes little to no time and results in no attention being directed at you. Afterwards, you’ll be surprised at how clear everything seems.

2. Keep your eye on the prize. There’s a reason most people keep a photo of a peaceful place, destination or goal near their workspace, and that’s to help escape the craziness of a busy day. It may not seem like a typical meditation technique to do at your desk, but if you keep a postcard of your favourite city, a list of your life goals or even just a photo of a beautiful summer day, you can disappear for a few minutes and refresh your mind. Take a few breaths while you’re at it, concentrate on what makes you happy, and return to your work when you feel recharged.

3. Sit up straight and stretch. It may draw a little more attention than a deep breath or a destination photo, but sitting up straight and stretching will re-align your posture and make you breathe. (Notice how all these meditation techniques to do at your desk centre around the re-introduction of oxygen?) Do it one to three times depending on what you think works best, and notice how straight your sitting, how much better your back feels, and how much more centered you feel.

 4. If eating lunch, put your work down. Most of us have to deal with the working lunch, but while you may not justify heading out for an hour to dine with pals, give yourself the time it takes to eat whatever you brought with you. For the five or ten minutes it takes, close your computer and enjoy your meal. You’ll savour it, chew slower and even avoid indigestion by not rushing through whatever you’re eating. Meditation techniques to do you at your desk: simple, quick and even delicious.


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