Latest Trends in Celeb Workouts

Toned bodies. Sculpted curves. Celebrities have the figures most of us strive for. Sure multi-million dollar pay cheques prove to be very good motivation to stay in shape and access to the best trainers and the latest fitness trends certainly helps their cause, nevertheless the average Joe (or Sally) can still benefit from taking a few fitness tips from your favourite celebs.

So, just how do they keep fit? The following are a collection of trends (new ones, and old ones making a reappearance) that you can try out:

Kangoo Jumps
You’ve probably seen the Kardashian sisters working out around LA wearing these. A cross between roller blades and a pogo stick, these moonboot-like contraptions claim to work your muscles in your lower half and help you shed weight if you follow the recommended exercise plan. The best part? You can take these outdoors to enjoy your workout and make the most of the summer months. However, you might garner a few puzzled glances as you bounce your way through Trinity Bellwoods Park. The last word? The verdict is still out over how effective this workout is, however, you will feel like a kid again.

No, it’s not the latest drug launched by Big Pharma. This workout is yet another example of the trend combining cardio and strength training in a class. One stop shop. Piloxing takes the lengthening and toning benefits of pilates and pairs it with the cardio boost of boxing for a full-body work out and strengthening session. You can expect to feel completely done for after this workout while sporting chiselled abs and shapely arms.

Zumba has been around for some time and has made a comeback thanks in large part to celebrity endorsements. And it’s fun! Zumba places an emphasis on dance and movement to get you sweating. A class generally runs an hour long and includes a mix of meringue, salsa, reggaetone and cumbia to bring fun back to the aerobic-style work out. Trust us, you’ll be looking forward to your next class.

Power Plate
Recent new mom, Victoria Beckham swears by the Power Plate. As do a host of other taut and toned celebrities who continually sport enviable figures. This device is much larger than the name suggests. The ˜plate’ vibrates forcing your muscles to relax and contract to keep your balance while you workout. The goal is to work a targeted muscle and to keep your balance while doing it. For instance, you don’t want to do 10 squats, but rather one, while holding yourself in position. Some local gyms in the area have these accessible to members but ask for a lesson first so you understand how to make the most of it.

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