How to Overhaul Your Mental Well-Being This Summer

We wait all year for the wonderful warm months that always come and go far too quickly. It can be a bit of a bummer how quickly the summer flies by, but sometimes it’s just a matter of making some changes that will help you feel more upbeat and positive even after the temperatures dip.

Get a better morning routine

One thing is for certain, everyone knows it’s much easier to drag your butt out of bed in the mornings when you know the sun will be shining and the breezes will be warm. That’s why the summer is the best time of year to get yourself in a steady morning routine”mainly laying off the snooze button. Repeatedly waking up and falling back asleep can seriously confuse your body and your brain, causing you to constantly feel foggier throughout the day. Our recommendation is to get this all sorted out before the mornings because darker and drearier by setting yourself up for success. Plan your breakfasts ahead (maybe even prep some ingredients or grab-and-go meals), put your clothes out the night before (even just your gym clothes) and start using an actual alarm clock that you leave across the room so you have to get up.

Lay off the booze

Because god knows that patio season is glorious and rosé© should never ever go to waste, but the truth is that during the summer months everyone tends to drink more and it can have serious long-term effects on the rest of the year. Drinking more than a few drinks a week can continually depress your nervous system and affect your sleep patterns, leading to a general drag down of your overall mood as time passes (and will totally ruin any chances of getting the hang of that morning routine we talked about). We’re not saying don’t drink, but limit yourself to only a couple once or twice a week and keep up that water intake in between libations.

Spend more time in nature

Whether you decide that this means taking a weekend camping trip with your girls or opting to eat your lunch in the park instead of at your desk, rubbing elbows with the great outdoors is something you should definitely be doing this summer. Why risk the run-ins with poison ivy you ask? Because research has shown that spending time in nature can actually help reduce levels of anxiety, stress and depression. Need to multi-task? Take your workout outdoors instead,

Stop binge-watching

Speaking of getting outside more often, there is a reason why the TV season used to run from September to May”because people had better things to do with their time in the summers. Now with on-demand television like Netflix people seem to be filling their beautiful summer days with mindless hours on the couch instead of mind-blowing afternoons exploring their cities and enjoying the company of others. Shouldn’t come as a surprise then that people who binge watch TV are lonelier, sadder and had less self-control than those who don’t. So save that series for when the weather is already depressing, okay?


Girl, we know”the only running you want to do is chasing after the man driving the ice cream truck down the street, right? Motivation to continue (ahem, start) exercising can wear thin during the summer months but don’t let that deter you. Research suggests that physical activity is not only important for improving your overall mood but can help ease anxiety and depression. Plus, habits that you establish in the summer are more likely to continue in the fall and winter, because you know it’s going to be harder to get up for a run when it’s still dark at 7 am.

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