How to Not Go Broke This Summer

Weddings, bachelorettes, cottages, music festivals, patios and camping trips: how the heck can you avoid going broke in the summer months? Trust me, there’s a way. It takes a bit of creativity and willpower, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun.

Happy hour

Scope out the chalkboard signs at the patios surrounding your office with the golden words of the summer: Happy Hour. Set the standard at the office (or among your friends) that you’ll only go for drinks if there’s a discount. Visit your favourite bars and restaurants and check out what their drink specials are for each day, and ensure you only go when your drink of choice is on special.

Buy vintage (or know your sales)

With the resurgence of retro, there’s really no excuse to not buy vintage. If you’re new to Toronto’s amazing vintage scene, get to know Kensington Market and Queen West for amazing finds that won’t break your budget. If you don’t have the patience for vintage shopping, your favourite stores will have sales at some point over the summer. Sign up for their newsletters or follow them on Instagram so you’re aware of upcoming discounts. Best takeaway? Never pay for a full priced item and negotiate at vintage shops!

Choose one festival (not all of them)

Ah festival season. Whether your favourite headliner is at Osheaga, but your favourite indie band you want to see before they explode is on a smaller stage at Way Home, make a pros and cons list and choose which one will be more cost effective. Plus, brush up on tips to do the (one) festival you choose on a budget.

Get a bike

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, biking is the best form of transportation in Toronto. It’s also a cost-effective way to get around while enjoying the sunshine. Just make sure you invest in a lock”it’d be an unnecessary expense to replace a tool you’re using to save money!

Free events

If you live in a major city, there’s plenty of free events to entertain. If you’re in Toronto, always check out what’s happening at the Harbourfront (as there’s frequently free shows), and where you can watch an outdoor movie. There’s also plenty of farmer’s markets, festivals and lovely parks to take advantage of.

Workout in the park

I get it, you want your summer bod but don’t want to break the bank with pricey gym memberships or classes. With free apps available like Nike training app or Kayla’s fitness app (plus great accounts to follow on Instagram), there’s a ton of body-weight exercises to do in the park. Just try not to pull an Annie and freeload an existing boot camp ;).

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