How to Throw a Chic New Year’s Eve Party

Break out the champagne and throw the confetti! The new year is around the corner, and if you’re hosting a fete this year, here are some entertaining tips to host a chic New Year’s Eve party.


Pick a theme


While a new year is a theme itself, having a subtle theme will be the basis of your decor, menu and overall vibe for your party. Whether your theme is simple (like black and gold) or complex (i.e.: any combination of rustic, urban, chic), you can also have fun with a theme like a classic Gatsby-era speakeasy.

Black and gold theme



Bring the energy of Times Square into your living room with sparkling mini lights, tinsel and garlands. A pretty and easy DIY is take a piece of string and place it over an entrance or against a wall. Take pieces of tissue paper (or iridescent wrapping paper for more glitz), fold them in half and cut thin strips leaving 2” from the top fold. Then, unfold the piece of tissue and twist the uncut center part. Wrap the tissue around the string and twist it into a rope, gluing the tissue so it stays in place.

DIY garland



Champagne is important for any new year’s party, so having a few bottles chilled is a good idea. You can amp up regular bubbly by infusing it with fruits like orange or raspberries, or mix it with fruit juices for a refreshing drink. It’s also a good idea to have non-alcoholic bubbly on hand for those that are driving as well! A bowl of punch is a great way to economize on your drink budget while also giving your guests a stylish signature cocktail. A flavoured margarita is energetic, while a bourbon punch is classic. Keep glasses nearby and spring for striped paper straws that fit in with your colour scheme for a luxe touch. Another way to personalize your bar is to make customized coasters. Buy plain coasters or cut some out of cardboard and modge podge newspapers with 2013 headlines onto the coaster, or scribble cute sayings like “FIZZ”, “BUBBLY” and “CLINK” for understated elegance.




Whether your friends like tearing up the living room like it’s a Vegas dance floor, or are looking to be more chill, make sure you have a killer playlist to suit any party vibe. Put on a retro flick (this could fit into your theme) to play in the background instead of the commercial-heavy new year’s countdown. Have a few classic board games on hand as well. For the final countdown, tune in to watch the ball drop. As a host, anyone without a new year’s kiss gets one on the cheek from you!

Classic board games



Keep things on the light side and offer guests a small cheese plate and baguette for sustenance. Or to go with the margaritas, make mini tacos with cool ingredient combinations like pulled pork, beets and squash.

Cheese board


Document how you roll in the new year with an improvised photo booth. Set up a digital camera with a remote on a tripod in front of a blank wall. Have a box of props and party favours to add character into the shots. It will make a great facebook album, and afterwards you can print out photos from the night and send as thank yous.

DIY photobooth

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