How to Rise Above Feelings of Jealousy

You’ve likely experienced at minimum a twinge of jealousy here and there. Maybe it was sparked by a co-worker who passed you by on his way up the corporate ladder. Or perhaps it has reared its ugly head when your significant other speaks of his close friendship with his friend from way back when and oh, isn’t she wonderful? Jealousy is normal, dare we say even an expected occasional outcome of human interactions. It’s also a relationship killer and can leave you feeling frustrated, fearful and on-edge. With this in mind:

Stop Comparing
Sure, at times the grass on the other side appears greener. But you rarely know what goes on behind closed doors. So, stop taking close stalk of other people’s achievements and measuring them against your own. You’re successful in your own right and have great attributes like everyone else. Envying what other people may have doesn’t do you any good in any way.

Identify the Issue
What is it exactly that you feel most threatened by? Is it your co-workers ability to land plum assignments? Perhaps it’s a friend who may get attention when you go out. But consider digging deeper. What specifically is bothering you? Perhaps the jealousy related to your friend has to do with not having enough time for yourself to put in the effort to look your best. Or as it relates to your co-worker, perhaps you really admire their go get ˜em attitude.

Cultivate your Strengths
If there is a trait you admire in another, is it something you can cultivate for yourself? Also, it’s easy to forget what your strengths are when you are focused elsewhere. Take stock of what you have going for you and refocus your energy there.

Talk it Out
If jealousy is still eating you up, talk it out with a friend. Sometimes just saying things out loud helps you identify irrational fears. And talking with a friend can help you get better focus and perspective. You may be making a mountain out of a molehill and if that’s true, it’s better hearing that from a friend.

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