How to Give Your Place a Holiday Glow

Place too small for a tree? No time to string twinkle lights on your roof? Not having the time or extra cash (or willpower) to do the whole festive decor thing doesn’t mean your place has to look like Scrooge haunts the halls. Deck your place out with simple DIY holiday accents instead. These 6 ideas bring holiday cheer into your space the quick and cheap way.

Candles. For warming ambience, a few glowing tea lights go a long way. If you don’t want to worry about replacing them every time they burn out, buy a few flame-free candles. Or, get some floating tea lights and float them in glass vases with some cranberries for some added flair.

Pine accents. Fresh smelling pine adds a festive and outdoorsy look to your spot, and it’s free and easy to find. Make a quick centerpiece from pine boughs by laying them on a rectangular plate and stick some pillar candles in varying sizes among the needles, or grab a bunch of pine cones and stick in glass vases. Rustic!

Make a DIY branch-tree. Nothing says “I love Christmas!” like having a tree. A crafty DIY alternative to chopping one down is to stick a bouquet of twiggy branches in a vase and hang your ornaments from it. (Keeping them stashed away all season is a crime). Spray paint the branches white or glittery for some added elegance. Set it on your floor and you’ll have somewhere to stash your wrapped presents before giving.

Ready-made ear candy. Have a holiday playlist ready for when you have unexpected guests. Just turn it on and you won’t have to hunt around for your old Christmas CDs or download a playlist in a quick pinch. Make your own full of holidays songs you actually like. (Don’t feel obligated to include any cheesy Christmas carols that make you cringe!)

Make garland out of your Christmas cards. So no one really sends Christmas cards anymore (unfortunately!) but chances are, you’ll receive a few from your close relatives. Put them to use and hang them up! Use mini clothespins to attach them to a ribbon and drape from your banister or above a window. This may be the quickest and easiest personalized garland you can find.

Distribute some potpourri. Walking into a house that smells heavenly is so inviting around the holidays. Stick some festive-smelling potpourri in dishes in each room and your whole place will smell like you’ve got a pot of apple cider brewing on the stove 24 /7.

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