How To Get A Self-Esteem Boost

We’ve all had those days where nothing could possibly seem worse, and your life feels like a sitcom gone terribly awry. However, instead of keeping your head down and succumbing to the negativity, here’s how to get a self-esteem boost in only a few shorts minutes.

1. List your accomplishments
We’ve been taught to be humble and not to brag, but that doesn’t mean we have to bury our accomplishments underneath a veil of modesty. Acknowledging all the things you’ve done is the number one rule in how to get a self-esteem boost “ provided you don’t limit the list to the likes of money or materials. Did you make your best friend laugh? Did you get a job you love? Did you start a book you said you’d eventually read? Those count. Write them down and stare how great you are in the face.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others
Facebook statuses and Twitter updates are the first way to begin harbouring animosity, so before you start comparing yourself to your peers, STOP. Looking at what you don’t have is not how to get a self-esteem boost, so instead of naval-gazing and sizing up the people around you, focus on your own goals and bask in what you’ve already achieved. Sure, somebody from high school may have bought a house, but you’re working to achieve your own dreams “ and that takes courage.

3. Surround yourself with true friends
We all have acquaintances or people we know, but those tried-and-true friends are the first people who will remind you of how wonderful you are. Best friends are meant to be there for each other, so the next time you’re in need of a self-esteem boost, message a best friend and make plans. Often talking things out is the first way to get rid of negativity, so enlist a pal, grab a coffee and go for a walk.

4. Eliminate negativity
You’ll never pump up your self-esteem if you’re surrounded by negative people, places or dwelling on your own thoughts, so instead of focusing on the bad, eliminate it. No, you may not be able to quit your job or move right away, but by taking the necessary steps, you’ll eventually get to a place where you can, and you will have crossed a big to-do off the list. After all, negativity never helps anyone “ how many confidant, happy people do you know choose to dwell on the worst case scenario? (Or worse “ call themselves realists.)

5. Remember it always (eventually) works out
Yes, that sounds insane, but think of the last time everything seemed terrible: when has it not worked out? Work may be tough, money may be tight, and your love life may seem dismal, but thinking back to the last time your self esteem plummeted, when have things not improved? Just think of everything else you’ve been through: with good friends, family, and the decision to move forward and achieve what you want, you’ll find yourself championing your own goals before you know it.



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