Holiday Detox

You know that sluggish, sleepy, overfull feeling you get around the holidays? The one that creeps up right after your office party? And your family dinner? And follows you right into the New Year? What we are getting at here is that we are in the midst of most gluttonous season on the calendar and without proper precautions, we could be paying for it for the rest of the year. Cleanses, when handled properly, are a great way to detoxify your system during the months that involve a plethora of overindulgences and, in the right cases, can actually help encourage you to eat less and eat healthier, over the season. Here’s the three cleanses that we’ll definitely be trying for a happy and healthier ho-ho-holiday!

Dr Oz’s 48-hour Weekend Cleanse
Yes, we know, the holidays can be a crazy hectic time and you are looking at this cleanse thinking “there is no way I have time to cleanse on the weekend!” The good thing is, that this 48-hour cleanse from Oprah’s popular celebrity doctor, can be done anytime over 48-hours, even in the middle of the week. This very balanced cleanse combines detox drinks with whole grains, fresh veggies, fruit smoothies, and soup broth. There is no eating after 7pm but the things you do eat are specially combined to cleanse the liver, the colon, and the kidneys. And who said all cleanses had to be all juice? Dr. Oz’s 48-hour Weekend Cleanse can be found HERE.

BluePrint Cleanse
Not only is this a completely organic cleanse (win #1) but it also offer differing levels of intensity for people who want and/or need different things from their cleanse (win #2). The three cleanses on offer include Renovation, Foundation, and Excavation (basically beginner, intermediate, and expert levels) each of which include six juices, made up of a combination of green juices and fruit juices. There is an unlimited time line for how long you can stay on this cleanse but most experts do not encourage juicing for more than 3 days at a time. For more information, and to order, visit their website

Water Cleanse
You know the way you feel the morning after you’ve spent the evening indulging in turkey and potatoes and stuffing and wine and cake and cookies and pie? You know how you feel like you never want to eat again? Well let me tell you, this is the perfect time to undergo a water cleanse. This one-day cleanse literally involves you drinking nothing but water for a full 24-hour period. Yes, it is truly as gruelling as it sounds like it will be, hence why this is a one day thing. The pros, however, are a more thorough cleanse that allows for more energy and a healthier digestive system. For tips on how to undertake a water cleanse, visit HERE

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