Annoying Hair Problems Solved

They say a woman’s hair is her best accessory, so it’s really no surprise that a case of nightmare bed head can make all the difference between feeling frumpy and feeling fashionable. Bad hair days”they can drag down your look and your mood. While admitting defeat and donning a sloppy ponytail may seem like your only go-to, there are ways you can work around even the worst hair woes. Read on for how to manage a misbehaving mane:

Cowlick Trick
It may have worked for Superman, but that stubborn, bumpy cowlick definitely doesn’t work with your Zooey Deschanel inspired bangs. The best way to deal with those pesky wayward tufts of hair is to get the upper hand during a blowout. Using a round brush, aim your tresses in the opposite direction of your cowlick while blasting strands with warm air. After a few seconds, brush your hair back to its original position. Repeat these steps until your locks are completely dry. By switching back and forth, you’ll nix your natural hair pattern and put a stop to any would-be cowlick from forming.

Zap Static
Anyone can fall victim to mane-mussing static, especially during the dry winter months. To keep strands from standing on end, avoid products that contain alcohol, keep locks well moisturized and trade your cotton pillowcase for one made of friction-free satin. If you need a quick fix, try gently running a dryer sheet through staticy strands and keep that whole Bride of Frankenstein thing at bay.   

Ditch Dandruff
Sure, snowflakes are cute, but not when they come from a dry, flakey scalp and are sprinkled all over your black, cashmere sweater. Few things are more embarrassing than an obvious case of dandruff. Thankfully, a simple shampoo switch can help treat and prevent those telltale white flakes. Take a break from your favourite brand and lather up with a shampoo specifically formulated to help balance an itchy, irritated scalp. Make sure you leave the suds in for at least a minute to help the product work its magic and keep alternating shampoos until you’re flake-free.

Mend Split Ends
Okay, so you can’t really mend split ends, short of getting regular trims. But if you’re between salon appointments and things are starting to look a little fuzzy, there are ways to temporarily seal any breakage. Post-shower, work a product like L’Oré©al Professional Absolut Repair Serum through locks to help protect and camouflage spit ends. To keep things from getting worse, remember to always be extra gentle with your hair while it’s wet”this means using a wide tooth comb in place of a brush, and blotting hair dry with a towel versus roughly rubbing it.

Frizz Fix
Big, frazzled strands are never the look you’re going for, but they can often be the end result (thanks, humidity). To avoid any unwanted pouffiness, enlist these frizz-fighting moves: keep things shiny and smooth by deep conditioning and sealing strands with serums, heat protectors and an ionic blow-dryer. To lock in style, no matter the humidex, lightly mist your finished look with a weatherproofing product like Matrix Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray.

Lift Limp Locks

Lifeless strands can drag even the hottest hairstyle down. To revive lank locks, choose products designed to plump up strands”choose from volume-boosting shampoos, conditioners, mousses and hair sprays. Avoid over-conditioning and product build-up by only using just enough depending on your hair type and thickness. To give your mane added bounce, try lifting your roots and aiming the nozzle upwards while blow-drying. Need a quick fix? Use dry shampoo to take your look from flat to fab.

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    I think the key to looking fresh and moedrn with gray hair is to get a chic and slightly edgy haircut, otherwise, there is a risk of looking “little old lady.” You also have to commit to wearing makeup as not to look washed out. Oh, and buy a pair of cool glasses! I have three friends my age (52) who have gone gray and they each look 10 years older for those very reasons I mention above. One friend one dyes her hair blonde, cut it in a layered lbob, wears a bright berry lipgloss and funky frames and looks so much livelier! I got my first gray hair on my 21st birthday and would be about 75% gray if I didn’t color my hair ( dark blonde). I’ve considered the time and $$$ I’d save going gray, but my skin tone favors warmer rather than cooler shades. But never say never……

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