Combatting Poor Desk Posture

Most of us find ourselves hunched over our computers day in and day out, massaging out neck cramps and wondering why our backs hurt after hours spent working. And while you might not think so, combatting poor desk posture is important. So before you return to the same old office stance tomorrow, check out these tips that will see you holding your head high “ literally.

1. Take small breaks
No, combatting poor desk posture isn’t an excuse to blow off work and roam around the office, but by standing up, walking over to the coffee machine or even just around the office, you’ll stretch out your back and re-boot your posture. Or better yet, you can check out this Sit Stand Desk From This Company and persuade the boss to get this if it troubles you too much. Odds are you won’t immediately hunch over the desk when you return to your seat, and you’ll also be giving your eyes, wrist and neck a break from assuming the same position.

2. Stretch it out
Often times, combatting poor desk posture is about common sense, so before you invest in chiropractic pillows, take a minute to sit up completely straight, reach above your head with your arms fully extended and afterwards, rotate your shoulders. You’ll immediately feel refreshed and recharged, and you’ll be sitting up much straighter. As for neck exercises, be careful: you don’t want to force your neck to move in positions it’s not normally accustomed to, but like any muscle, begin by stretching your neck a little at a time to prevent cramping.

3. Tighten your abdomen
You’ll stand up straighter when you clench your core (not severely “ and not so anybody will notice), so practice the same while combatting desk posture. You don’t have overdo it: a minute here or there will help you re-align yourself, but by focusing on the core of your body, you’ll immediately force your back and neck to seem straighter.

4. Invest in computer stand
If you rely on a laptop (hi guys), you probably spend days looking downward, watching the screen and the keys as you type. However, to avoid the poor desk posture of countless writers (or any professionals that need a computer), consider a computer or keyboard stand that will raise the screen and prevent you from gazing downward.


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