Camouflage Secrets: Hiding Puffy Eyes

We’ve all woken up looking worse for wear. But instead of working from home or asking to wear sunglasses inside (don’t “ ever, anybody), embrace camouflage “ particularly in terms of makeup hiding puffy eyes. With just a few quick steps, you’ll never be asked if you’ve been crying at your desk again.

1. Highlighters
While you may think the last thing you want is to highlight your puffy eyes, highlighting products (sticks, wands and creams) will eliminate dark circles and bags. After applying concealer and foundation, dab a light layer of highlighting cream (like Benefit High Beam) under the eye and blend thoroughly. The light will reflect off it, and your eyes will immediately stand out and pop.

2. Eyeliner
Believe it or not, eyeliner will help with hiding puffy eyes, since your eyes will be given the definition they temporarily lack. Apply a thin line of liner to your top lash line and extend slightly to create a subtle cat’s eye effect. However, don’t go overboard since a line that’s too long will make your eyes seem thinner (which is the opposite effect you’re looking for). Also, avoid applying eyeliner to the bottom half of your eye “ it’ll only draw attention to any dark circles or bags, and make your eyes seem too boxed in.

3. Blush
You’d think blush wouldn’t have any place when it comes to makeup hiding puffy eyes, but by creating a balanced face, your eyes will stand out less and become part of an overarching aesthetic. After making up your face, smile, and apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbone using a large cosmetic brush. Blend, and then apply a light lip colour to keep your face looking fresh.

4. Water spray
Believe it or not, a water spray will help wake up your face since it’s returning moisture back to your skin. True, you may not include it in the rest of makeup hiding puffy eyes, but by spritzing your face with a product like Evian or Vichy water spray, your giving your skin that much-needed kick it takes to reduce swelling and puffiness. Since you don’t have time to lay down with cucumber slices, spritz your face after moisturizing “ before makeup application “ and then again afterwards to set your look and add more moisture. Since water spray won’t melt product or leave your face greasy, you’ll still maintain that makeup for hiding puffy eyes.


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