Milla Jovovich In A “City Rush”

Celebrity endorsements can seem like old hat, but when an established brand collaborates with an established actress, it’s a little more interesting than the typical star releasing her own fragrance.

That said, Milla Jovovich has become the new face of Avon’s fragrance, City Rush For Her.

With a campaign co-starring Carlos Casia Grande, Avon’s aim is obviously to establish itself as a modern brand, appealing to younger clientele thanks to the swanky Manhattan photo shoot that sees the two running all over New York.

Said Milla Jovovich, “I am so excited to be working with Avon as the face of their new fragrance. It is a sophisticated fragrance that captures the natural mystery and sensuality of a woman.”

“When I am wearing City Rush, I feel confidant, sexy, and ready to turn the streets into my runway,” she continued.

Well that explains the campaign! Avon’s City Rush For Her will be available to the masses on September 14 – just in time for the rest of us to run through the streets of Manhattan and not freeze while doing so.

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