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Healthy Eating Tips When Eating Out

If you live in the big city, you know restaurant and café© options abound. Tempting four-course meal options seems to be everywhere now, and it doesn’t help that much of our socializing is done while eating out “ either catching up with friends, dating and even work outings. All of this easily adds up and can start playing havoc on that hard-earned waistline of yours. So, what can you do if you love eating out but aren’t looking forward to busting the scale? Try incorporating some of these suggestions to keep you on track:

1. It’s no secret that portion sizes are on the rise and restaurants are feeling the pressure to keep up. Often, after a meal out, we may have consumed anywhere from two to four times our allotted healthy portion. Yikes. To get around this, pay closer attention to the appetizer list and order off of there with a side salad. This will keep you in check and eating the correct portion size.

2. Avoid doubling up if you can. Stay away from eating an appetizer and main meal. Pick one or the other. If you are still hungry, look at the healthier side dish options, such as steamed veggies.

3. Stay away from foods you wouldn’t normally cook at home. For example, fried foods. Or meals smothered in creamy, buttery sauces. If you wouldn’t make it at home, don’t order it. Stick to roasted/grilled/steamed/poached/baked proteins and go nuts with the steamed veggies minus the butter sauce.

4. Ask your server if there are options to the white bread/white flour choice. Most restaurants now are understanding customer demands better and often provide a options of whole wheat/whole grain substitutes.

5. Avoid ordering high calorie drinks like sugary alcoholic beverages, juices or milkshakes. You can easily double your calorie consumption on these alone. Opt for water instead with some lime.

6. If you over-indulge occasionally, don’t fret. It’s all about balance, so eat right for the next few days and make sure you aren’t making it a habit of it.

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