Frozen Treats for 150 Calories or Less

Now that the dog days of summer are upon us, you may feel a craving for a frozen treat every now and then. After all, popsicles and ice cream cones were made for summer days. If you are concerned abut the calories and/or fat you may be taking in when you cool off with a frozen treat, have no fear! Whether you are going out or snacking at home, there are plenty of delicious summer snacks out there for you to beat the heat without expanding your waistline.

McDonald’s Kiddie Cone 
These delicious little ice cream cones are certainly a low calorie treat at only 45 calories “ have two! Or try their Reduced Fat Vanilla Ice Cream Cone “ only 150 calories per serving. Both are the perfect ice cream treat on summer days.

Klondike Slim a Bear Vanilla Bars
Craving a little chocolate with your ice cream? This is a tasty treat that has a mere 100 calories.  A low calorie frozen treat for a sweltering day.

Wendy’s Junior Frosty
If you’re more in the mood for a cold, sugary drink this summer, try sipping this frosty for only 160 calories.  A little over 150, but still a delicious low calorie way to cool off.

Weight Watchers Giant Mint Fudge Ice Cream Sundae Cone
A chocolate cone with mint flavored ice cream “ does it get any better than that for beating the heat? At only 140 calories per cone, you enjoy this tasty, low calorie frozen treat without guilt (or extra workouts.)

Creamsicle Orange and Raspberry Ice Cream Bars
Orange and raspberry “ how delicious is that? This combination of ice cream and sherbet is only 100 calories a pop, and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool you off on a sweltering day.

Dairy Queen Soft Serve Ice Cream
Soft serve ice cream is so tasty on a hot day, and at 150 calories you’ll want to indulge in this low calorie treat whenever the temperatures rises.

Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Cookies and Cream Bar
How does chocolate ice cream bars covered with chocolate cookie crumbs sound to you? If this is your idea of frozen heaven, be sure and enjoy one for only 130 calories.  These low calorie treats are crunchy, creamy and oh so chocolatey.

DQ Fudge Bar
No sugar added. A great fudgey treat on a summer day, at only 50 calories you can feel free to indulge in a second! More low calorie chocolate for the chocolate lover in all of us.

Good Humor Snack Pops
One of the sweetest frozen treats you will find for a hot day, try out these pos for only 100 calories each. Try strawberry or chocolate (or both.)

Dreyer’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
This is a terrific, decadent treat that has only 130 calories per half cup. The cherry flavored ice cream is loaded with dark chocolate chips and cherry chunks. Yum!

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