Beach Body Kickoff

Spring is here (we think?) and there is really no better time than now to start thinking about your summer body. Get yourself up and off that couch girl and follow our six step plan for kicking off your beach body transformation!


Step One – Bust out your bikinis

No, obviously we don’t mean outdoors but believe us ladies, nothing will kick start your beach body mentality quite like giving yourself a good once over in the full length mirror in said bikini. If that doesn’t get the motivation running, we don’t know what will.

Step Two – Learn your portions

As the season of excess and indulgence comes and goes, it is hard for us to remember that there this little thing known as portion control and without it, we will never get our waistlines under control. A little research is all it will take to reacquaint yourself with how much you should be eating each day. Find those numbers and stick with them! You’ll be amazed how fast you’ll start to see the changes.

Step Three – Spring clean your fridge

The easiest step of all – throw out everything that is bad for you, fill with everything good for you. Simply put, if it’s not there to eat, you won’t eat it!

Step Four Find a fitness buddy

There is no better to way to get motivated to get back into shape then to find a friend to do it with you. Ask around to find out who is else is looking to amp up their fitness routine in anticipation of the summer and then find out if you two can work on it together.

Step Five – Set goals

Make a list of the goals you want to achieve by the first day of summer (which is June 21, btw). Let these include both your weight lose goals, your fitness goals, and your overall health goals. Then post it up somewhere, next to a picture of you in a bikini in your best shape yet, letting it be a constant reminder of what you are aiming for!

Step Six – Have a cheat day

Let’s be serious ladies, it’s still pretty damn cold out there and without a doubt there will still be days when you just want to lay on the couch and gorge on an entire bag of chips. So let yourself! Everyone deserves a cheat day and no one has to be perfect all the time. Remember, slow and steady wins the (bikini) race!

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