Q&A: Fashion Blogger Lainy Hedaya of Haute Inhabit

We chatted with fashion blogger Lainy Hedaya of HauteInhabit.com about her new jewellery collaboration with Canadian online retailer eLUXE.

29Secrets: How did your collaboration with eLUXE come about?

Lainy Hedaya: I always wanted to design a collection, but I never thought it would be jewellery. In fact, the thought of designing jewelry felt very foreign. eLUXE contacted me and brought up the possibility of designing clothing, I accepted happily as this is what I love to do. They then brought up the possibility of jewellery and I thought it would make a more interesting collaboration. 

What can we expect from your collaboration?

Simplistic silver pieces that reflect the moment. You always see gold in the summer. I wanted to see some silver against a summer tan. That contrast is a lot sexier. 

You are known for your effortlessly chic style, what made you fall in love with fashion?

Initially it was about art. I still have canvases and messy paint bottles all over my parent’s basement. I fell in love with fashion when I decided to take an illustration class at FIT during one summer month in middle school. I didn't read the description of the class, and assumed it would have been like the previous classes I took at Parsons. It was a fashion illustration class. From then on, it was love. 

Who are some of your favourite designers?

I can't say I have a favorite designer because it would include the ones I have formed relationships with. That wouldn't be fair. Once you know the person, their work can become a lot more special to you. 

Now that the weather is finally warming up, what spring and summer trends are you looking forward to wearing? 

I'm really excited for oversized cotton/linen dresses, chunky fringed sandals, and obviously layering jewellery instead of sweaters.

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